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What to Wear for a Winter Family Photoshoot

I’m really looking forward to a few wintery photoshoots this month. I have to say, it’s unusual for January, but if we can do it in November, why not January hey?

Now the big question, what to wear? I posted a video to my facebook page last year of what I wear to shoots… but that’s a whole other story! Scruffy is fine when you’re not in the picture. And indeed, necessary if you’re going to lay, face down in the mud.

For my clients, however, I recommend firstly making sure you’re comfortable. Especially when kids are involved. What child do you know who is capable of putting on a happy face and cooperating when they’re freezing cold? Zero. None. Not one. So wrap them up warm.

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Baby it’s cold outside

Wrapping up warm can still be done smartly. And if it’s not arctic temperatures, you can even go for the warm accessories rather than a full on coat. I love how a warm jumper and chunky knitted scarf look on a chilly winter afternoon.

A smart coat or gilet can look just as good though. Think Will and Kate leaving church on a frosty Sunday morning.

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In Autumn I recommended muted versions of natural autumn colours. Mustards, burnt oranges, sage greens and deep reds.

By January, we have very little colour in nature to compete with, so bolder colours can make you really stand out and contrast with a potentially dull, grey background.

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It’s always a good idea to limit patterned clothing for photoshoots as too much pattern can detract attention from the face. HA! I heard that. No, detracting attention from your face is NOT a good thing. Cheeky!

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Scarfs, definitely. Hats, oh yes. Sunglasses… if you’re going for the celeb look, why not!? Maybe not for a family shoot though? A handbag can add a very fashion feel to your solo or couple shoot too, but for a family shoot, it just gets in the way of holding small hands, so better to leave your essentials in the car.

I can’t wait to share with you some of the timeless images we capture this winter that will be treasured by the families throughout the seasons. Drop me a line if you’d like some of your own family photos capturing.

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