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How to survive the heat

My wonderful job as a wedding photographer in Leicestershire and beyond led me on quite a warm journey last summer. I melted, sweated, hogged the fan and drank a fair few gallons of icy cold water. And that was just at one particularly hot wedding during world cup season! As we finally head into the warmth we’ve been waiting for all of June, here are my top tips to help you keep cool if your wedding day coincides with a heatwave!

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Keep drinking

No, not booze! In fact, in soaring temperatures it’s even more important to moderate your alcohol intake. Yes I’m sorry to be a party pooper. But drinking plenty of water or other soft drinks is essential. Avoid excess caffeine and high sugar drinks as well as the alcohol.

Drink plenty in the morning to remain hydrated the rest of the day. And with all those extra toilet trips required, make sure you have a great bridesmaid willing to help you lift your dress!

Find a shady spot

A good wedding photographer will be looking for a great spot in the shade anyway, so allow them to lead the way on this one. If you’re lucky enough to be getting married outside too, hopefully your venue will provide some shade for your guests.

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It may be a bit late to change your dress now, but if it’s possible to dress in loose floaty clothing, this will make a big impact on body temperature. At the hottest wedding I ever attended, every single guest got changed from their formal outfit after the meal into something typically summery – shorts and t-shirts and floaty dresses. The bride and I were the only people who didn’t change! My dress was already quite suitable for a hot day and she was just a trooper.

Gents, don’t underestimate the power of changing into a fresh shirt mid-proceedings. Might as well have a quick deodorising spray whilst your shirt is off too. You were planning to pack your deodorant to be with you on the day, right? Well now the sun’s out, make doubley sure you do.

Don’t be offended by guests donning hats and sunglasses too. You will always remember your day for being scorching hot, so what harm is there if the wedding photographer captures everyone embracing it? I love a good shot of the bridesmaids or groomsmen all wearing shades.

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Save your energy

Take it easy during the hottest part of the day, typically 11am-3pm. This tends to coincide with most wedding ceremony times, so just relax for a while after the ceremony and save your dancing shoes for the cooler temperatures in the evening.

Freeze your drinks

If you can prep a few bottles of water the day before and freeze them, they will last until later in the day and act as a cool water bottle (like a hot water bottle, but cold!!) before they’ve melted ready for drinking! The inside of your elbows and wrists is a great place to cool yourself to have a greater impact. But I always find myself wanting to chill my neck and chest the most.


Up do’s all the way. Seriously. Consider asking your hairdresser to change your plans at the last minute if the forecast is super super hot. You don’t want it sticking to your sweaty neck anyway! Let the air circulate.

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Sun cream

Lastly, it might not go with your perfume, or you may worry about it getting on your dress, but if the sun is out and hot on your day you MUST MUST MUST wear sun cream too. Seriously, red skin and wedding dresses are a BAD CLASH! Ha ha ha ha, no I’m worried about your health really. Even the best wedding in the world isn’t worth making yourself ill for.

Pop your suncream on with enough time to let it soak into your skin before your dress goes on and you’ll be good to party. Get one that lasts all day but still consider a quick top up if it’s like an oven out there.

If you’ve enjoyed this little list of top tips, make sure you sign up to my email list for a regular update on local wedding fairs and events and lists galore. I do love my lists. And keep an eye on your local weather forecast in the run up to your big day so that you, too, can be prepared. Check out BBC Weather’s fortnight ahead forecasts.

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