alternative bridal bouquet, white flowers made from old milk bottles

The Eco-Friendly Alternative Wedding Bouquet

For the couple who care about the environment, there are some obvious ways to cut down the carbon footprint of your wedding. Who wanted your American family there anyway? But on Saturday I discovered a brand new idea which I LOVED. An alternative wedding bouquet which I couldn’t wait to share with you.

stunning, falling bridal bouquet, flowers made from milk cartons

This picture captured my attention not only for the bouquet’s intricate beauty, but the construction material – plastic milk bottles. I’ve had the pleasure to photograph an awesome alternative wedding bouquet or two in my time. Hayley, my first ever bride, made her own button bouquet using an upturned sieve and many, many buttons! Gemma made a beautiful paper one which can be seen on this blog. But the use of milk bottles (I mean SERIOUSLY) was totally unexpected. It was inspiring to see something so ugly making such a unique and beautiful focal point for a wedding outfit.

So I got in touch with Mandy of Paper Petals to ask if I could share her gorgeous creations with you. Mandy is based in Brighton and started experimenting with unusual materials 18 months ago after realising the amount of paper she was using to create oversized flowers and paper flower walls. The results surprised her and by keeping waste out of landfill she felt she was helping tackle a worldwide problem.

alternative wedding flowers eco friendly table decorations milk carton bottle repurposing


When I asked Mandy about her stunning work, she told me, “I handcraft something beautiful from horrid single use plastic. This waste takes over 450 years to decompose so I figured the next best thing is to repurpose this awful stuff.”

“My first bouquet made using milk cartons was just a mad idea. It actually turned out far more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. The bouquets can become a wedding keepsake, far easier than preserving fresh flowers. And while we have single use plastic, I believe we should repurpose and recycle it. Not contribute to the construction of more plastic waste – it’s threatening the health of our planet.”

Although Mandy’s own favourite creations are her bouquets, her floral table decorations have been the most popular purchase by brides. This decorative bottle was made for an eco themed wedding where guests were asked to take their own drinking vessel.

beautiful bottle decorated with flowers made from milk bottles and coke bottles for wedding tables

And this table centrepiece had fairy lights inside, lighting up the table and sparking some great conversation between the guests!

eco friendly wedding decorations using milk bottles

Mandy chooses to work with couples who genuinely care about the planet. It must be an important consideration for them when planning their wedding as such intricate decorations take time to make. Paper Petals bouquets start from £195 and take 2-3 weeks to make. You can see more of Mandy’s alternative wedding bouquet creations and unique wedding decorations on her facebook and instagram pages.

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alternative bridal bouquet, white flowers made from old milk bottles