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SuperMum to the Rescue – Melton Wedding Photography

Spring and Mother’s Day go hand in hand. Chocolates (because of Easter) and fresh daffodils and spending time together outside in the warming sunshine are all fantastic treats to remind mum how important she is to you. I hope you treated your mum to something meaningful at the weekend or if you ARE the mother, that your children (or partner!!) put a little effort into making your day a bit special.

When you are planning your wedding, you may feel a suitable thank you is even more important than usual for your mum. Mums can come into their own, supporting their daughters (and sons too) through big life events. It gives them a sense they are still needed, albeit in an entirely different way to how they were needed when you were a child.

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Laura’s mum, Julie, was a true wedding day saviour last summer. She had a bag full of tricks for all emergencies, whilst still looking the definition of elegance. I think there may have been something a little Mary Poppins about that tiny clutch bag she was carrying! She had tissues and paracetamol and lippy… and when I stung myself in the nettles (because I was focussed on getting the shot, not where I was standing) she came up trumps with a sting cream! She was there to fix everyone’s problems and soothe any nerves. Exactly what every bride needs. And every wedding photographer now you come to mention it!

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Laura (and her mum) chose me for her Melton wedding photography on the day that we met. They attended one of the fabulous Dress Sale Days hosted by Soar Valley Brides at a hotel in Melton Mowbray, where I was helping brides capture the moment they found “the one” (that’s the dress, not the man!). Julie commented after the wedding, “My daughter met Rachael on the day she bought her wedding dress. They just seemed at ease with each other straight away, which was down to Rachael’s warm, open and friendly personality.”

I’d have to agree that Laura and I definitely clicked that day. I even started teasing her when she decided she could WALK home with the dress she’d just bought. Wedding dresses are SO heavy!! (I did also offer them a lift! I don’t tease without chucking in a bit of kindness too!).

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As with all my couples, I spent time with Laura and her fiancé Luke before their big day so that they could get to know me and feel at ease. We met up for a drink (and slice of cake) and visited their wedding venue for an engagement shoot during the 6 months prior to their wedding. This was brilliantly summed up by mum Julie. “Both bride and groom were a little nervous about the wedding photos. But there was no need as Rachael got to know them so well it was as though she was a member of the family.”

We still keep in touch now. Julie keeps recommending me to couples needing Melton wedding photography and Laura and I regularly exchange hilarious comments over this dance floor photo. Her mum, step dad and one of Laura and Luke’s daughters dancing to Chi Chi Wah! Thumbs up, thumbs up, bums out, bums out, tongues out, tongues out, chi chi wah, chi chi wah!

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I’m going to let mum Julie have the last word on this post. She said some wonderful things about me as a wedding photographer and left me a glowing review:

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Rachael photograph our daughter and son in laws wedding. I would recommend Rachael wholeheartedly. In fact, once you meet her, you will actually look forward to spending your day with her too!”

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