Studio Photoshoot – For Mum’s Birthday

Paige contacted me in the summer asking about a studio photoshoot with her siblings as a surprise for her mum’s birthday.

Now, how many mums out there would just LOVE for their kids to do something like that for them? And how many teenagers are that thoughtful? I knew Paige was going to be a really special girl.

She didn’t disappoint. She brought 17 year old brother Layke and 15 year old sister Kelly into the studio with her… AND the dog, Sharda, who is absolutely one of the family and helped everyone relax and be themselves. We may have had to use a little bit of cheeky banter to get a smile out of Layke (it’s not cool to smile in photos these days I hear!), but we managed it.

A week or so later, I met with the girls to go through their images. Paige and Kelly (and Layke’s girlfriend, Hazel) selected a few to present to mum on her birthday.

I am reliably informed there were tears on opening her gifts!

We also gave mum a chance to see all the images and she selected a few more to complete her new wall gallery. I think the photos of Sharda got the best reaction but she was clearly thrilled to see all her babies looking so grown up.

I very much hope to see and work with these guys again as we had such a giggle. Maybe at a wedding in the not too distant future, eh Paige?

My next studio day is Saturday 2 December and is your last chance to get gifts printed in time for Christmas.