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Happy Birthday Teddy – Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Leicestershire

Well, little Teddy, I hope you are having the most fantastic of first birthday celebrations today. I know it’s been a packed year with lots of testing times for your family. But I also know you’re a very loved and lucky little boy.

Oh how the time flies. I am sure Teddy’s mum Emma will be cooing over these images we captured last year at his newborn photoshoot, saying “look how small he was!”. They really do grow quickly at this early stage of their lives and it’s wonderful to have such special photos to look back on now they’re busy terrorising you, the house, friends at toddler groups and the poor old dog! That beautiful image hanging on the wall allows you to take a moment to remember how small and innocent they once were. As unbelievable as that is!

Mother and newborn baby low key photo, birstall, leicestershire

Teddy isn’t the only one who has changed in the last year. My photographic style has changed hugely since his photoshoot at home with his mum. As much as I will always adore this image of little Teddy all squished up, naked, with a cute hat on his head (I really really do love this one!), I felt my style needed to change a little to reflect my own more raw and real view of parenting, especially life with a newborn.

baby with a hat, Leicester family photographer, Rose Tinted Photos

Because it’s not all perfect sleepy babies, peace and calm. There are days you don’t manage to get dressed or eat anything. It’s one of the most difficult changes you need to adapt to in your lifetime. It can be hugely overwhelming at times and you will never question your decisions more!

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

That said, it’s also a magical time that many wish they could hold on to forever. The early days of sitting perfectly still whilst a tiny baby sleeps soundly in your arms are a memory you will always treasure and a reality you will long for when the toddlers, children or teenagers are making you tear your hair out.

breastfeeding baby with dog settled on floor at home, lifestyle newborn photographer, Leicester

This style, lifestyle newborn photography, to me, is a more emotive reminder of how life was in those early days, weeks and months. Before you got the hang of this new phase of your life. I will capture beautiful images of your new baby but I will also capture their gorgeous, screaming crying face too.

We can get the whole family together posed for a perfect wall portrait. But I’ll also get down on the floor and catch your toddler, unawares, gazing in awe at their new baby brother or sister. And your lasting images will reflect how life really is right now. Because I guarantee when you look back at them in years to come, you’ll have adoring rose tinted specs on anyway! Have a look at my other family portraits here.

newborn baby peeking over mother's shoulder in black and white, at home baby photoshoot, Leicester

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