couple gaze into the trees above whilst holding one another, set amongst the fallen autumn leaves and flowing streams of Swithland Woods, Leicestershire

Leicestershire Wedding – Engagement Photoshoot at Swithland Wood

I met up with Hannah and Perry on a beautiful, chilly Autumn day for their engagement photoshoot. We chose Swithland Wood as the location for their shoot as they were planning their Leicestershire wedding to take place around the Swithland area in 2020. Following much venue research however, they have booked in to Bosworth Hall Hotel as the stunning surroundings of this historic venue met all their needs and gave them all the feels.

It took a little convincing for this shy couple to come along for an engagement shoot. We all have our insecurities and most people are pretty honest about not enjoying having their photo taken. I reassured them, that this is exactly why my brides and grooms are all invited along for some photos prior to their wedding. It’s an opportunity to combat the self consciousness, for us to get to know each other a bit better and build confidence in posing. Or… not posing, as the case may be.

Swithland Woods in Autumn couple walk, engagement photoshoot

Engaged couple cross a bridge hand in hand at Swithland Woods, wedding photography

I eased Hannah and Perry into the photoshoot gently as they’d been so honest with me about their feelings and specific insecurities. We walked and chatted. Then I took a couple of shots as they walked or talked to each other. We stopped by a stream to try a few slightly more directed shots but still, no directly looking at the camera.

Autumn leaves cover ground and stream, engagement photoshoot, happy couple cuddle, Leicestershire wedding photography

From shy to confident in 30 minutes

By the end of the session, it was fair to say that everyone was feeling truly at ease so we captured a few more traditional snaps of them looking directly to camera. With the stunning background of autumnal leaves glittering in the sun, I was happy with what we’d got and we all agreed to head back to the cars. As wee rounded a corner, we found a glade where the floor was absolutely covered in leaves. I was thrilled when Perry asked if we could stop to take a few more shots complete with enthusiastic leaf throwing! What a development, from not wanting photos to ASKING FOR MORE! They really threw themselves into the task too!

engaged couple autumn Swithland Woods, Leicestershire Wedding photographer

couple laughing as they throw autumn leaves around, engagement photoshoot, Leicester

Many couples genuinely worry about the photography part of their wedding day. It can cause all sorts of unnecessary stress for an occasion made for relaxing, which will hopefully be the BEST day of your lives. So much so, some couples consider not having a professional photographer at all. But find the right professional, and these worries will just melt away and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you will have those great quality photos that really capture your personality as well as your day.

If you are planning a Leicestershire wedding in the next few years, whether you hate being photographed or not, you’ll find great value in a test shoot before the big day. It’s a great opportunity to experience how the photographer works and to let them know, without fear of spoiling the occasion, if there’s anything you are totally uncomfortable doing. Whilst, of course, getting to know them a bit better and sense if they are the right photographer for you. You won’t spend more time on the day with anyone else, so it’s vital to choose someone who you feel can be your friend, not just an employee.

The final result

Hannah and Perry found their engagement shoot a total eye opener. As well as the confidence boost, Perry had warned me he wasn’t too comfortable with PDAs (public displays of affection). So I knew I was pushing him out of his comfort zone when I asked them to get a bit smoochy and serious against a tree. Lo and behold, on viewing their final gallery of images, guess which was his favourite image? I had totally expected him to hate it!

romantic couple rest against a tree in Autumn at Swithland Woods

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