Leicester Wedding Photography – A Wedding With Personality

You’re planning the biggest day of your lives. But have you thought about how you will make your wedding day unique to YOU and give your guests a day to remember? Whether you’ve started your Leicester wedding photography search yet or not, I’m here to help you inject a bit of your personalities into your big day.

I’m Rachael and I photograph all sorts of different weddings around Leicestershire.

But my all-time favourite Leicester wedding photography gigs are the ones that are absolutely, undeniably, THAT couple’s day.

You can imagine the kind of thing I mean… your Star Wars mad friends have a guard of honour performed by Storm Troopers as they exit the church; your cousin who loves knitting throws her new husband around the dance floor in a long woollen scarf she made that binds them to each other. Big or small, traditional or totally wacky and off the wall, there should be something uniquely YOU about your wedding. After all, the day is a celebration of the two of you and your lifelong future of crazy YOU-ness to come! It’s an endless sleepover with your favourite weirdo!

wedding day bridal bouquet of daffodils with photograph of deceased relative loved one, leicester wedding photographyThere are certain elements that happen at every wedding. Legalities, religious traditions, feeding the guests, drinking (no point denying it!) and dancing. But how do you personalise your big day to be totally unique to you and your partner? A wedding as unique as the two of you may come easily, if you have an obvious joint passion. Or you might need a few suggestions to help you find your own style.

Undoubtedly, the things that make your day memorable to you and your guests are the little personal touches that encompass YOU. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but it’s important to make your day unique in its own special way. After all, it IS going to be the best day of your lives.

Things you can personalise to make your wedding day uniquely yours:

Your Outfits

Wear a colourful dress, or jeans and a waistcoat, flat cap, vintage hairstyle, doc martins or converse. Just because ‘most’ people wear a big dress, heels and a smart suit, doesn’t mean it’s ‘you’. Be comfortable and show who you are rather than glamming up to the nines.

doc martin wedding shoes alternative bride leicester wedding photographer

You can absolutely fit something quirky and subtle into your outfit too. These Loch Ness Monster cufflinks and tie pin were a gift from the bride-to-be the day before the wedding for a groom who had a Nessy fixation!loch ness monster tie pin and cufflinks for leicester wedding groom photography

Table plans, numbers and displays

This is a super easy way to personalise your wedding day to you. Table names on a sci-fi theme, song titles, poems, favourite flowers or significant locations from your relationship. The travelling couple can use a map for their table plan, foodies can make their seating plan edible, crafters can go to town creating something fabulous of their very own. Your imagination can run wild on this one.

leicester wedding photography table plan travelling couple map suitcase


I know a quizmaster who hosted his own wedding day quiz after the speeches. A couple with young children provided a bouncy castle and magician to keep the small ones amused all day. Music loving couples simply must include my own favourite wedding addition –  live music. And festival goers might choose a marquee or teepee wedding, with hay bale seats and an oompah band! And lots of bunting. Obvs.

grumpah, oompah band play at leicester wedding photographer Rachael Ince Rose Tinted Photos


Hire a bus for you and your guests to reflect your down-to-earth personalities or an elegant, ribboned vintage car to take you to your exclusive grand reception venue. Motorbike enthusiasts? Ride pillion, but make sure your hair style can take the helmet, and your dress can be gathered up out of the way. Safety first!

vintage bus for birstall wedding photography leicester

wedding vintage bus leicester, birstall wedding photographer


A lot of brides include a photograph of a loved one who is no longer with them on their bouquet. A great florist can incorporate all sorts of extras with your chosen fresh flowers. From the crafty types, I’ve also seen home made bouquets made of buttons or paper, incorporating love notes from the groom.

home made bridal bouquet paper roses buttons, love letters,  wedding photography leicester, rose tinted photos

Venue decor

You have a whole wedding venue that needs sprucing up for the big day. The smallest of personal touches here can transform a room into YOUR space. Your guests will certainly know they’re in the right place and you can pretend that stately home is actually your new lodgings!!

photo garland wedding day leicester photographer

If you are struggling with the idea of incorporating your personality into your wedding day, don’t worry. Think that you’re just a normal, boring couple? Trust me. There are things that make the two of you unique and if it doesn’t come to mind straight away, well I think you just made a brilliant excuse for a date night. Get out, get some dinner, a drink or two and brainstorm what the two of you love and what you love to do together (keep it clean, mind!).

Still need inspiration? Have a flick through my gallery of Leicester wedding photography and see if anything resonates with you. And if you’re STILL struggling, let’s arrange a coffee date where I can totally dig up the dirt on you both! I’ll make you feel totally comfortable with just how ‘not normal and boring’ you are!!!