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How to wed like a Royal in Leicestershire

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a wedding and you’re feeling inspired by all the buzz around Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle this weekend, you might be wondering how you can replicate this yourself. Do YOU fancy getting wed like a Royal in Leicestershire? Here’s the lowdown on how to compete with the Windsors.

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We are blessed with some absolutely stunning wedding venues in Leicestershire. A fair few would be deemed totally fit for a princess. But for a real Royal wedding, it would simply HAVE to be a Leicester Cathedral service, followed by a romantic drive out to the countryside for The Most Epic wedding reception at Belvoir Castle. The rolling hills, a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos and the cannon on the turrets would ring in the new marriage with absolute pomp and circumstance.

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Dine like a King

A Royal feast should definitely involve a sit-down three (or more) course meal. Generosity is also key, with no expense spared. Canapés and champagne on arrival at the reception venue are essential. Wines should be chosen specifically to compliment the menu. Evening guests should be catered for with equal generosity and if the party should continue into the wee small hours, maybe include an additional breakfast style treat.

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Elegant, stylish and HUMONGOUS! There will be hundreds of guests all wishing for a slice of the finest cake they’ve ever tasted. Spoil them with flavour rather than flamboyance and keep with tradition by reserving the top tier for the first Christening.

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A Royal bride always covers her shoulders and knees so it would seem. Choosing a very demure dress should be simple at one of our amazing range of local independent bridal boutiques. Soar Valley Brides in Sileby, Bradgate Brides in Anstey, Elizabeth Rose Bridal in Kibworth, Pink Confetti in Broughton Astley or Noble & Wright on Queens Road. I’m giving them all my own special Rose Tinted seal of approval, which is nearly as good as a royal warrant.

For him, military ceremonial dress uniform or morning dress is absolutely the way forward. I’m sure that Christopher Scotney would be able to provide excellent guidance on this subject. Along with a highly polished pair of shoes!

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Wedding Party

A large family and lots of friends is imperative as numerous bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys are required for a real Royal wedding atmosphere. If the bridal party doesn’t span the width of the Throne Room, you’re doing it wrong.

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There is nothing more regal than a spot of classical music for the ceremony and daytime festivities. But come on, we know that Ellie Goulding performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s evening reception. And we’ve all heard rumours of Ed Sheeran performing for Harry and Meghan. The world is your oyster for musical entertainment, but make it live and remember – No Expense Spared. I can personally recommend local musicians Likuid Blu, Juniper Acoustic and Trio Capriccio.

Wed Like the new Royals, the modern-day Windsors

I think it would be fair to say that Princes William and Harry have had a rocky road to adulthood. I like to think they’ve spent time thinking about their parents’ marriage as well as the devastation of their loss. And I definitely think they have learned a lot from Charles and Diana’s mistakes. Make sure you too have really thought about the meaning of forever.

If you would like an excitable friend to chat through your wedding plans with, whether they are as huge as the Royal wedding or a tiny intimate affair, drop me a line and we’ll make a coffee date. Or keep yourself up to date by signing up to my mailing list to receive more hilarious suggestions to help you plan and notifications of all things wedding-related in Leicestershire.