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Final Wedding Preparations – 10 things to check off your list

As we head into May, or as it is otherwise known by me “Wedding Season,” I know there will be many brides totally freaking out. The final wedding preparations can cause both excitement AND fear. Realisation that the Big Day is nearly upon you and there is STILL SO MUCH TO DO!

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If your wedding isn’t until much later in the year, you might prefer to check out this article to help with your plans and preparations. But if you’re at that super-excited-get-married-any-day-now moment and you need a little organisational help and reassurance, then read on.

All your suppliers are booked, suits and dresses organised and guests RSVPd. So you are now left with the final wedding preparations. Getting them sorted asap will mean you can relax and enjoy the best day of your life. It’s up to you, and your personality type, how organised you are with these final plans. But the following ten points are definitely worth a little attention.

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Final Wedding Preparations

You should consider:

  • Checking in with all your suppliers; cake maker, florist, musicians, wedding photographer and videographer to make sure everyone has the correct date, time and location
  • Transferring any outstanding payments to suppliers
  • Make sure the wedding rings are safe, secure and ready to take to the church
  • Collecting your dress and suits following final fittings (and make sure your weight doesn’t fluctuate after)

wear in your shoes as part of the bride's final wedding preparations, blue bridal shoe poking out under white wedding dress, leicester

  • Wearing in your shoes so they don’t rub your feet on the day
  • Making sure you have transport organised to get you home the next day, and to take home any flowers, leftover cake, etc.
  • A plan for keeping your house keys safe all day if you’re getting ready at home
  • If you’re decorating your venue yourself, make sure you have all the decorations ready to go. Gather a team of helpers and a box of ‘tools’ like scissors and emergency sellotape. These things always take longer than you expect so all hands on deck.

final wedding preparations the small details daffodil bouquet favour in hessian bag with name label wedding breakfast menu decorated with lace

  • Book yourself a day off, maybe even at the Spa, so you can relax and take a moment to just be you, rather than Wedding Planner Extraordinaire
  • For the super organised amongst us (hello, i’m waving to my kindred spirits!), a written plan of timings is a must. Include emergency contact numbers and any other details you can’t risk being without.

I always remember with pride, my own wedding planner, Hayley, commenting that we were the “most organised couple” she had ever helped! It’s up to you how far you take it. If you’ll be stressed without lists galore (I know I would be) and back ups of the information all over the place, then spend one evening now gathering everything together. You’ll be far more relaxed in the final week and much more able to enjoy yourself on the day.

But I implore you, always keep in mind what is most important. Two hearts and a single soul (extract from “Doves Poem“, author unknown).

engaged couple in romantic embrace in Swithland Woods, Leicestershire to illustrate the real reason for marriage amidst the chaos of final wedding preparations