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A Family Portrait – Why is it so important?

You hate having your photo taken do you? You’re not alone, you’re really not. And yet so many people have overcome that dislike to get a family portrait photograph done. But why? Why do something you hate so much?

The same reason we parents do a plethora of unpleasant tasks. Nappy changing, getting up at 5am, SOFT PLAY!

We do it for our children.

It’s important for our children that WE feature in the photos hanging from the wall too. Not just them. One day, we will be gone and our children will value those photos so much. We can’t leave them without just because we’re not keen on our teeth, or think we have a double chin. The kids DON’T CARE! They love you and they want to see you loving them in photos.

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So why IS a family portrait so important?

Because it is, in it’s simplest form, an heirloom for the family to enjoy and pass on for generations to come. You’re a unit, a team, a squad (if you’re down with today’s yoof!). Always having one person absent from the photo because they were clicking the button is not ok. You must have some photos that show you all and captures your own, unique family connection.

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Self Esteem Booster

There has also been plenty of research and talk about how having family photographs on display in the home can boost a child’s self esteem. It’s not just seeing that THEY are important and loved because they are on the walls, but seeing the whole family together as a unit helps the child to feel valued. It demonstrates clearly that every person in that photo matters. Every member of the family means the world to the others.

Ask yourself, do you want to leave your children with a legacy to show to their children and their children and so on? If that’s not important to you, that’s ok. As you were.

But if you want just ONE great piece of artwork that they will treasure in the future as much as you will now, that’s worth overcoming your insecurities for surely?

Watch me talking here about not liking having photos taken. Or if you’re already convinced it’s something you need to get done RIGHT NOW, then sign up to my waiting list to be first to hear about the next studio dates.

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