A Family Photoshoot – Can It Really Be Relaxing?

Are you wondering what to expect from your studio family photoshoot? Worried it will be all awkward wooden poses and shouting at the children for daring to move a muscle?

That’s about as far away from the truth of the photoshoots at my Birstall studio as it’s possible to get. I lay the ground rules to children on arrival, just to keep us all safe and so parents know the risks to look out for. Then we relax and have fun.

There are laughs, silliness, cuddly toys and always singing – and that’s just the grown up photoshoots!

No really, if you won’t take my word for it, listen to what Hital had to say after bringing her four year old boy and seven year old girl in for some family photos:

We really enjoyed the photoshoot. It was so relaxing and not chaos like ones I’ve been to in the past. You’re brilliant.

Oooh, she thinks I’m brilliant!

And Lindsey was very complimentary too:

Rachael took some amazing photos at our family photoshoot. She put my eldest girl at ease and was able to take some great shots of my girls together.

I dunno, maybe I just turn into a big kid when I’m in the studio and that’s why we have so much fun.

So what actually happens at a family photoshoot?

Aside from lots of fun? Here’s a little chronological list. ‘Cause I love lists, me.

  1. You book your slot and pay a deposit. I send you an email confirming all the details you need to know and maybe some outfit suggestions too.
  2. You’ll receive a reminder a few days before the shoot with a chance to ask any last minute questions and check you’re all set.
  3. On the day I will welcome you into the studio and have a little chat with the children to put them at ease whilst mum or dad has a read of my model release form. (I always ask permission to use photographs of your family in my marketing material, but totally understand if you decline).
  4. Shoes (and sometimes socks) are removed and the safety guidelines are mentioned (essentially no running!).
  5. We usually start with a full family shot so that the children can get used to what’s going to happen.
  6. Then siblings together, we try to make it look as though they like each other – easier said than done with teenagers.
  7. Each child has their starring moment. Depending on their age and attention span we may throw in some fun activities such as jumping or dress twirling. Smaller ones might be held by a parent, who is just out of shot.
  8. This is where the truly loved-up couples shyly ask me if they can have a photo of just the two of them. Me and the kids tease them and make vomiting sounds from behind the camera!
  9. Then we may try a couple more full family shots and any other special requests – after all, the photos will be hanging on YOUR walls.
  10. Shoes on and I’ll send you on your way having thoroughly enjoyed yourselves and eagerly awaiting your viewing session.
  11. We’ll get a date in our diaries for around two weeks later, where I will bring your photos to your home to show you and help you decide what will look beautiful. You place your order then and await delivery.
  12. You invite ALL your friends and family around to see your stunning artwork in place. They ask for details of your amazing photographer and we all live happily ever after.

Well, I think that painted a pretty good picture of how it runs. Any questions? What’s that? Where do you sign up? Right over here my lovelies… Can’t wait to meet you all. x