valentine's couple photography at birstall studio

Couple photoshoots – a Romantic Treat

There are many a couple out there who bring their children to me for a family photoshoot and then shyly ask “can we have one of just the two of us?”

Of course you can. And there’s no need to be shy.

three couples from the same family, Leicestershire family photoshoot

So many people tell me they haven’t had any photos of the two of them since their wedding day. Sadly, a few of those also tell me they didn’t have any good ones on their wedding day either. Well what are you waiting for?

No, seriously, what’s holding you back?

photo of couple and their grandson, laughing, Watermead Birstall Leicestershire

Too Frivolous? – combine with a family photoshoot

You think a professional shoot of the two of you being couple-y is a frivolous expense? Well combine it with a family photoshoot. In the studio or out on a beautiful location, we do some family photos, we do some photos of the kids and whilst they’re happily entertaining themselves, we grab a few romantic shots of the two of you together.

Aren’t married yet, but thinking about it. Let’s make it an engagement style shoot (ohmygosh, pop the question on the shoot, pleeeeease!) to get a bit of experience in before a wedding day full of photos! Use it as gifts for your parents as we all know how much they love photos of you!! #proud
studio photoshoot black white grandparents, couple, marriage, leicestershire

Not the right time? – when IS?

Why is it not the right time? When IS the right time? If you’re unhappy with your weight, book the shoot in and then use it as your deadline, your incentive to work hard. Roots need doing? Book your shoot then book your hair dresser. Ridiculously busy with life? It’s the perfect opportunity to take an hour or two out from the chaos and force yourselves to slow down. Spend a few precious moments together and remember what you’re doing it all for. Moving house? Good, your artwork will look amazing on the walls in the new place.

Hate having photos taken? – I’ll put you at ease

Well, see here, we all do. But that’s why I make the time for us to get to know each other first. I won’t expect anything of you until I have put you at ease on the day. I know the first few shots are about getting used to what’s going on, then we really relax into it and that’s when the magic happens.

couple photographer leicestershire gay marriage love

Need an excuse to justify it? – It’s Valentine’s!!

It’s totally Valentine’s day coming up and I reckon if you buy an awesome gift for the two of you, you’re totally off the hook for a meal out, box of chocs AND champagne!!! In fact, get a gift voucher and that counts as the card too! Surely? And if you’re reading this AFTER Feb 14th, I’m sure there’s a birthday or other gift giving opportunity coming up soon. Just a “well done for being amazing” would do the trick. Or an “I love you and just wanted to treat you” will definitely win you huge brownie points.

parents in love, couple photoshoot, studio photography, birstall Leicestershire

Seriously though, it’s not just family photoshoots that are important. You’re a couple. If your love shines through, your kids will see that too and that’ll do wonders for their happiness and self esteem. So let’s get a stunning image of the two of you up on your wall.

Next question is WHO’s going to hang the photos on the wall?

You can join my waiting list for studio shoots here, buy a gift voucher or book in a location shoot for anytime you fancy.