irregular choice bridal shoes and bridesmaid matching shoes with home made paper flower bouquets on windowsill

Bridal Shoes With a Bit of Pizazz

I’ve earned myself a bit of a reputation in Leicestershire since I’ve been photographing families in the studio. Some think I have a foot fetish going on, but honestly, it’s just an eye for a great pair of shoes! I’ll often get down on the floor to get a pic of a sparkly pair. Particularly if it’s a children’s pair of sparkly shoes, they’re the best.

But what I love most of all in the shoe world, is a bride in something a little bit different. Not necessarily wild, but a splash of colour, or a jazzed up version of your everyday favourites is awesome. A bridal shoe can really personalise your outfit and be a sneaky way to inject your own unique personality. You can guarantee on your wedding day, I’ll be having a good nosey at what’s on your feet! Most likely photographing them too.

These days, for unique wedding footwear, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had on the likes of pinterest. Or there’s the favourite of all fashion conscious ladies: Irregular Choice. But even the more standard bridal shoe can have that little something different about it.

blue shoes peeping out from under a white wedding dress at Quorn Grange Hotel In Leicestershire

The colourful bridal shoes

They’re hidden away under your dress for most of the day, but having a little touch of colour peeping out will peek everyone’s interest! Choose blue shoes, and that’s your Something Blue covered too.

wedding day shoes, bride in converse, blinged up, glittery sneaker, Rothley Court Hotel

The blinged up Converse

Don’t wear fancy heels, like ever? Don’t then. Take your regular, every day converse, docs or even your old faithful Uggs and ‘weddingify’ them!

bespoke bridal shoe, bright and colourful, with jewels and writing, Leicestershire

orange and purple bridal shoe, wedding day hidden message, sparkly I Do on sole of shoe, Leicestershire wedding photographer, studio photoshoot

The hidden message

I maybe should have used this photo to represent Colourful Shoes! Wow! But they also convey a very important and secret message on the soles. The bride in question, put the lettering on herself. I know you can pick up a diy kit pretty cheap online so this could be an easy option to personalise ANY pair of shoes.

lace bridal shoes in white, high heeled with pretty ankle detail, Leicestershire wedding photograph Rose Tinted Photos

The bridal shoes with extra detail

Be it on the heel, ankle or heading over the top of the foot, anything that makes the shoes less ‘ordinary’ excites me. This very elegant pair available at Soar Valley Brides in Sileby, Leicestershire have a tiny bit of lace that decorates the back of the ankle.

silver sparkle high heeled slingback shoes worn in a Leicester studio on white background

Something old, borrowed or blue

Got a smart pair that you love and find comfy that you know would work? To hell with those people telling you to buy new. You go for it. Just like the coloured option, it might even tick off your Something Old option. If you’re even into that kind of superstition or tradition!

Kilworth House Hotel bed with cigars, groom and best man shoes and cravats laid out, Leicestershire wedding

Grooms need shoes too

A stylish man knows a good shoe when he sees one. And good shoes NEED to be photographed. His accessories are just as important as the bridal shoes. There’s no better time for him to treat himself to something really special.

basket of flip flops and flat shoes for wedding guests to wear on the dance floor, thoughtful bride, Leicester wedding

Last but not least, the dancefloor shoe

Why not take pity on those poor guests who are going to dance the evening away, by supplying them with a comfortable flat for the dance floor? Only a very thoughtful bride will take this extra step, but my gosh will your guests thank you. They’ll probably be telling everyone how kind you are for the next few months too!

If you have some awesome footwear plans afoot for your big day, I’d love to hear about them. Pop over to my facebook post or instagram to give us a teaser for your own beautiful bridal shoes. Or if you need the Rose Tinted seal of approval, we can meet up for coffee whilst you wear them in.