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Bonfire Night and Wedding Fireworks

How can you get married at this time of year and not have a wedding fireworks display? It’s the perfect end to your perfect day and one of the best forms of entertainment for your guests.

And, of course, a glorious display of light can make for some magical wedding photographs. As a wedding photograph, I have noticed the little romantic gestures that are exchanged during a firework display. When everyone’s attention is on the sky and they think they can’t be seen. A head resting on a shoulder, a chivalrous gent offering his warm suit jacket to his wife, a loving glance. It’s a sentimental moment for more than just the bride and groom.

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Extra Thoughtful

Everyone loves a firework display but if you want to go the extra mile to make sure your guests get maximum enjoyment, you could have a few blankets available for them to wrap up in. Any younger guests might appreciate some ear protection to dampen the loud bangs, but maybe just giving their parents a heads up so they can bring their own if required would be the most thoughtful thing to do.

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Uniquely Yours

Even a firework display can be personalised to you as a couple. This gorgeous display of Charnee & Ryan’s initials burning was a gorgeous end to their wedding fireworks. Totally unexpected too – it may even have had a bigger ooh and aaah than the colourful explosions got!

And the sparkler shot… well, I don’t think I need to say any more.

bride and groom with sparklers and guests wedding fireworks display leicestershire wedding photographer

If you’re keen to organise a wedding fireworks display for an explosive ending to your day, take a look at Rock-It, a Leicestershire company with a great reputation for pyrotechnical genius.

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