alternative bridal bouquet, white flowers made from old milk bottles

The Eco-Friendly Alternative Wedding Bouquet

For the couple who care about the environment, there are some obvious ways to cut down the carbon footprint of your wedding. Who wanted your American family there anyway? But on Saturday I discovered a brand new idea which I LOVED. An alternative wedding bouquet which I couldn’t wait to share with you. This picture […]

bride and groom firework display wedding photography leicester

Bonfire Night and Wedding Fireworks

How can you get married at this time of year and not have a wedding fireworks display? It’s the perfect end to your perfect day and one of the best forms of entertainment for your guests. And, of course, a glorious display of light can make for some magical wedding photographs. As a wedding photograph, […]

marriage notice Leicestershire wedding marriage certificate prestwold hall jo ford damien ford

Wedding Planning – The Legal Lowdown

Are you getting ready to give your marriage notice in Leicestershire? There are lots of very, VERY old laws surrounding getting married and they tend to be the last thing on your mind as a newly-engaged, hyper-excited couple! Let me help get the boring, yet very necessary, legal bits and bobs sorted. That way, you can […]

leicester wedding photographer rose tinted photos girl uses ice cube to cool down on hot sunny day, heatwave, leicestershire, white horse, birstall

How to survive the heat

My wonderful job as a wedding photographer in Leicestershire and beyond led me on quite a warm journey last summer. I melted, sweated, hogged the fan and drank a fair few gallons of icy cold water. And that was just at one particularly hot wedding during world cup season! As we finally head into the warmth […]

Leicester Wedding Photography – A Wedding With Personality

You’re planning the biggest day of your lives. But have you thought about how you will make your wedding day unique to YOU and give your guests a day to remember? Whether you’ve started your Leicester wedding photography search yet or not, I’m here to help you inject a bit of your personalities into your big day. I’m Rachael […]

mum admires daughter in wedding dress, bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid, wedding day emotions, Rose Tinted Photos

SuperMum to the Rescue – Melton Wedding Photography

Spring and Mother’s Day go hand in hand. Chocolates (because of Easter) and fresh daffodils and spending time together outside in the warming sunshine are all fantastic treats to remind mum how important she is to you. I hope you treated your mum to something meaningful at the weekend or if you ARE the mother, that […]